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Inconsiderate or Not?

While at the grocery store, the young woman (store lady) bagging my groceries was asked to help with a carryout. She finished with me, I thanked her, we said goodbye, and she went to her next customer.
As I am wheeling my cart out, I see her with another lady. I will call her Inconsiderate Lady. She had on a heavy parka with a fur-lined hood which she had on her head. I should mention that it was 17F. outside, wind chill of 6F.

Inconsiderate Lady’s fancy-looking car was at the extreme end of the parking lot, straddling a couple of parking spaces. There were at least 8-10 empty parking spots in just that row before the next closest car to the store. I guess Inconsiderate Lady was concerned about her car baby possibly getting dinged.

Anyway, store lady was pushing the cart to Inconsiderate Lady’s car. They get there and just seem to stand around for several seconds. (bitterly cold, remember, and store lady does not have a coat) I finally see Inconsiderate Lady reach for her purse (in the cart–oh, was it too heavy to carry yourself?). After fumbling for several long seconds, she finds the keys and unlocks the car.

Now there seems to be more waiting as a huge decision is being made as to where the groceries should be placed in the car. Inconsiderate Lady slowly transfers each bag — one at a time — to the back seat of her car. Store lady is standing there, arms wrapped around herself; guessing she was freezing!!

When all was done, store lady grabbed the empty cart and ran with it back to the warmth of the store.

If Inconsiderate Lady wanted help with her cart, specifically to have someone return it back to the store, then why did she park at the ends of the earth?

I always decline assistance taking my groceries out. How fricking hard is it to wheel your own cart? I do specifically park close to a cart-return area to make that step easy. Plus, I can then place the bags where I want them, usually based on other errands I have planned or already done. Besides, I am not a helpless woman!!

And when the weather is crappy, why should 2 get wet or cold, when only 1 is required.

True that I do not know the full story of the event, but it seemed to me that Inconsiderate Lady was not very considerate of the store lady’s time and exposure to the elements. Am I being overly judgemental here?


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  1. I feel badly for the baggers having to go outside when it’s freezing out without a coat and wheel things out to someone’s car. I’ve noticed that the probability that someone will ask for carryout service is inversely proportional to how many groceries they have. I worked in a grocery store and I know the job is lousy enough without added aggravation. And don’t get me started on people who leave the grocery carts all over the parking lot…

  2. appropriately judgmental.
    my theory is that if i can’t handle the groceries on my own then I bought too much. i like to park far away but return my cart into the store so I get in 2 laps of the lot and the employees are usually happy to see a cart come back on its own.

  3. Was Inconsiderate Lady an Old Lady? Seriously, I see this a lot at supermarkets where they have carryout for customers. The customers who ask for assistance are usually older, 60+ at least, and they sometimes seem oblivious to the comfort or time of the bagger/carryout person. It may be callousness or selfishness, but sometimes they’re just—oblivious. My parents were like this: they would park their grocery cart in the middle of the aisle while they stood for five minutes, trying to decide which can of soup they wanted to buy, or dither with their keys while the carryout person waited in the pouring rain with their groceries. It may have been dementia, though I wonder too if being physically frail/achy/tired made them seem inconsiderate of the people around them.

    I also take my own groceries to the car, but I welcome the help when I’m struggling with something heavy, like a case of bottled water or wine.

  4. Not at all judgmental. Inconsiderate Lady was wielding the only power she probably has, to force some poor cashier to do her bidding. I imagine she is a real witch to waitstaff at restaurants, too!

    • My impression was she was not an old lady. And if she was and had trouble walking, why did she park so damn far away. I certainly don’t mind assistance for any one who needs it, but this seemed more like a boss-servant attitude. And if they have dementia, they should not be driving. But, I don’t really know the full situation; just my perception of what I saw.

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