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I am reading a spectacular biography of Bob Fosse, called Fosse by Sam Wasson. It brings me back to one of the first musicals I remember and fell in love with: Damn Yankees (1955).

Fosse choreographed this number for Gwen Verdon. He later married her and they had a child together.
Whatever Lola Wants…

Within Damn Yankees, Bob and Gwen dance together in this silly number.
Who’s Got the Pain

I had known of Bob Fosse due to the semi-autobiographical movie about him, All That Jazz, 1979 (which Fosse directed). I did not know that he not only choreographed, but also directed my all time favorite musical, Pippin.

Fosse directed Cabaret, the Liza with a Z television extravaganza, and Chicago, to name a few.

Some people think that Michael Jackson’s dance moves were greatly influenced by Fosse. What do you think?


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  1. Oh this was great…really enjoyed it

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