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Today, February 19, is Chocolate Mint day! Now I must admit that every day is at least chocolate day for me. Some days it is chocolate-orange, some days just chocolate, and some days is today!! Chocolate mint!!

Junior Mints is always a favorite, especially at the movies and for at least a week before Halloween.
And the precious little Andes mints that so many restaurants give you with the check. Sure makes paying the check a bit sweeter.
But really, isn’t this all about Camp Fire Mints. Yes, it is that time of the year to grab those little boxes of heaven. Hope you got yours already because the sale period is over.
But never fear, I have mine. They are so good frozen. I buy several boxes and toss them in the freezer. Perfection on a hot summer day. This year I did not fill up my freezer. I am so depressed. Wait – I will just celebrate today and not think about summer.


Comments on: "Chocolate Mint Day – Hooray!" (4)

  1. Do Girl Scouts Thin Mint cookies count? I just got two boxes over the weekend!

    • You betcha!! I better be getting mine this weekend. Have you tried the thin mint ice cream? I stock up the freezer when it comes out — and it is usually only available this time of the year.

      I had Junior Mints today.

      TTFN Sandy


      • I haven’t seen thin mint ice cream around here. Is it made by a particular company? I’ve been off ice cream because my doctor gave me a huge lecture on my cholesterol levels (I blame my father!) and ice cream was one of the big no-nos. Once in awhile, when I’ve had a spectacularly bad day, I’ll get a pint and we’ll sit together. Ben & Jerry’s and I, and watch a funny movie.

        Yay Girl Scouts!

        • Dreyers. It’s. A chocolate base with chunks of the Girl Scout thin mint cookies. Sheer heaven. Since it is not available all the time, I highly recommend a one-time splurge while it is available. Yum!!!!!

          TTFN Sandy


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