Cleaning house physically, emotionally, and mentally.

My mother was born on Valentine’s Day. This would have been her 95th birthday. She died in 1981.

I look back at my relationship with my mother and compare it to my relationship with my daughter. I hope we have it better. I know we have it different as I was a single parent raising a child. My mother was the stay-at-home mom raising 2 kids. I loved my mother, but we just didn’t seem to get along when I was in my 20s. I guess it was more of a nothing in common, or so I thought.

I look at my daughter now (in her early 20s) and know that we too do not have a lot in common. And yet we do stuff together quite often. Hopefully I learned how to be a parent from what I thought I was missing in my parent.

Sure wish I was the better person some 40 years ago because I would have relished my mother’s company more. And we could have crafted together as she was very creative and artistic.
This picture was taken on Valentines Day 1981 at my dad’s retirement party. My mom died 2 weeks after this picture was taken. That’s me second from the left. Also in the picture is my brother and his wife. My dad died 23 months later, and my brother died about 3 years ago.

So as I wax sentimentally on this Valentine’s Day, I want to say I love my daughter and mother (happy birthday too). For my step-mom (my dad remarried so I call my step-mom my mom), I know you are reading this, so happy Valentines Day and I love you too!



Comments on: "Valentines Day – Past and Present" (2)

  1. I always loved you even when you belonged to other parents. We are friends as well as Mom and
    daughter now. We had some great trips together. Remember catching fish in Canada? Bugs in Hawaii? Almost not getting Alia out of Canada because we didn’t even have one picture of her
    between the two of us? Fun times!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. It must be a day of mixed feelings for you. Hope it ends on an upbeat note, with lots of chocolate and paper hearts for you!

    I don’t think many of us get along with our mothers when we’re in our 20s. At that age, we’re still feeling out way into adulthood, figuring out who we are, and moms remind us of how we’re still little kids deep inside. Not a comfortable thing when you’re 25 and think you know everything (or wish you did). I managed to become a little more friendly with my mother after my children got older and I was more secure: but she demanded being center of attention ALL the time, even at her grandchildren’s birthday parties, and would deliberately make scenes to get it if she felt she was being ignored. So distance became a way of maintaining good relations, even when there wasn’t any, lol.

    Happy Valentine’s Day!

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