Cleaning house physically, emotionally, and mentally.

Yesterday I worked from home, telecommuting into the office. I find that I can often get more done at home because I do not get interrupted or disturbed.

Yesterday was not a typical WFH (work from home day). Sunni would not leave me alone. I was finally able to get her settled down and still access my laptop. (I think she was upset because she thinks this photo made her butt look big.)
Then the phone would not stop ringing. Here’s my list of telephone offers.

  • get better rates on my credit card
  • won a trip to Disneyland at 90% off
  • get my septic tank pumped out (I am on sewer)
  • an offer to fix my computer’s security (scam call)
  • won a free stay at xx hotel
  • selected to get a free installation of a security system
  • xx charity is in the area and wonder if I have anything for them to pick up

All the calls, except the charity call and scam call were automated. Thank goodness because I have quite the conversation with them.

And Sunni was getting upset that I moved to answer the phone. Poor thing, I disturbed her nap.


Comments on: "The Joys of Working From Home" (2)

  1. Sunni is SO pretty! I usually have Stringbean on my lap. They love it, but are very hard to type around!
    I never answer phone calls. If it’s someone who wants to talk to me I let them leave a message.
    And that almost never happens, so, it’s all scam calls!

    • Thanks, Sunni is a cutie. I rarely answer the phone too except I have to when I am working from home. Think I am going to shuffle phones around so a caller ID phone is available closer to my work spot. Then I too can ignore calls.

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