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It’s Fitness Time!

Yup, six weeks into the new year and it is time to get on the fitness train.

I have looked (and used) many excuses these past few weeks. Recently, I have been shoveling snow. But I am feeling shamed by this walrus.

By golly, if she can exercise, then so can I!! Can I get chocolate as my treat after each set? Dark chocolate please.


Comments on: "It’s Fitness Time!" (4)

  1. I was going to say, that walrus isn’t going to lose much weight if her trainer is going to keep feeding her treats. It reminds me of those guys you see in gyms chugging high-calorie sports drinks after their workouts, you know, the ones with the muffin tops popping out of their bike shorts. 😉

    Yeah, it’s getting to be a long winter and I’m feeling like a slug myself. If only I could stop eating cookies between meals.

    • Cookies– I haven’t had a cookie for ages. It’s all about brownies at my house. I figured out how to make vegan brownies, so maybe I can make low-calorie brownies. Yum – sounds like a lot of taste testing coming up!!

  2. follow my blog and learn how your body works so that you can get fitness and exercise to work for you!! knowing how the body works is the first step to improving yours!!

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