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TP Mischief

There is toilet paper (TP) mischief going on here.
With four potential mischief-makers, I am not sure who is responsible. However, there seems to be a big fluffy tail in the lower right of the following picture.
We did not have this issue prior to Miko joining the clan. Due to clawing at the TP on the roll holder, I started just placing the roll on the counter. This did not stop the mischief. Wait — who is that in the lower right leaving the scene of the crime? Sunni?
One morning, the TP roll was out in the hall. There are now two suspects: Miko and Sunni.
Finally there was this incriminating evidence. Miko is taking full ownership of the recent TP mischief.
I have since apologized to Sunni for suspecting her. The TP roll is currently placed in the cupboard under the counter. I am looking for some type of holder so it can remain on the counter. Or maybe a TP cover when it is on the roll?

And Miko—denied TP access—has taken up digging in the bathroom wastebasket. I just replaced that with one that has a foot-activated lid.

The fun never ends!


Comments on: "TP Mischief" (6)

  1. Lifehack: cut an old toilet paper roll (the cardboard part) open and use it as a makeshift “holder” over the current roll.

    • I will try that and let you know how it works.

      • also saw recommendations to flip it over, so it’s less likely to unravel when the cats spin it. and 3rd idea to stuff the loose end into the roll so it doesn’t attract the cat. dunno if any of them work.

        • I have tried having the TP unroll in the different direction. That did not help. I don’t think stuff the end will make a difference either because Miko will just claw and shred it anyway. I can’t wait to get an empty roll though because I see that as a distinct possibility. Keep coming up with suggestions!! Something has to work.

  2. hehe cat mystery solved, eh? I better not let my guys see this they may get ideas!

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