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The date grape koolaid fiasco (see original post) is getting national attention. So far, the Spokane Downtown Daiquiri Factory owners maintain the position that they are not changing the drink name. (It does not seem to accomplish anything by posting a comment to their Facebook page as they seem to delete any negative remarks.)

However, Kraft Foods Group (trademark owner) is now aware of the insensitive use of the Kool-Aid brand name in the drink name. Hopefully some sort of action will be taken. I posted my concern/outrage on
Kraft Foods Facebook, along with several others. Feel free to join in!

Check out the following links for more information and thoughts. These are local blogs and contain links to other news articles and comments.

It’s Not All in a Name

Date Rape Daiquiris, Crisis Management


Update. Here is Kraft’s response to my comment on their Facebook page.
Thank you for taking the time to reach out to us. We are as appalled as you. Kraft does not support or condone this drink, and finds its existence to be highly insensitive to a serious issue. This blatant misuse of the Kool-Aid trademark is offensive to so many, including us, and we are making it our top priority to address the situation ASAP. ~ Sarah

Another Update. The Boycott Spokane Downtown Daiquiri Factory Facebook page provided info regarding a radio station owned by the same people. One of the advertisers on that radio station responded by pulling their ads. All within a couple of hours of being informed by concerned people. I wonder if getting hit in the money belt will increase the offending business’s sensitivity standard.


Comments on: "Date Grape Drink Insensitivity" (2)

  1. Nothing like a threat from the legal department of a big corporation to scare someone into good behavior.

    Yeah, I’m a little cynical. It sounds like these jerks were going for the free publicity and would have kept milking this issue for as long as they could. But I guess this is the good thing/bad thing about Facebook. You can use to harness the power of the internet to shame someone into doing the right thing, but on the other hand, you have to put up with trolls and the mob mentality on some issues.

  2. Agreed and thanks for the links. Some things are NOT funny.

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