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Though I appreciate when there is a good pun or an excellent play on words, some are offensive. Some hurt.

For example, a new bar just opened in my hometown. They have a daiquiri drink titled date grape kool aid.

Personally, I find this name offensive. Incredibly insensitive and offensive. Others do too as there have been recent protests outside this bar.

And the bar’s response? They stated they will not change the name. It isn’t a pun, just a name because the drink is grape-flavored.

On their Facebook page there was the following post.
Also discovered that the urban dictionary has a listing for date grape. Definition is when 2 people drink a lot of wine and then hook up.

The local media covered the small protest. Then the bar got a bit smart-mouthy on their Facebook page again asking where was the media when they sold 10 gallons of this date grape kool aid drink.

And the back and forth verbal pissing contest continues. Many comments are almost as insensitive as the drink name. I feel for rape victims who may relive their experience due to a drink name.

Many people (including the bar owners) don’t see the name as an offensive issue. What do you think? Is this a generational difference as to what is offensive?


Comments on: "Sticks & Stones? Words Do Hurt." (5)

  1. It’s offensive, not to mention it sounds disgusting as a drink. Those sort of cocktails are aimed at college kids who are used to drinking crap like wine coolers and neon-colored sports drinks.

    I don’t believe they’ve sold that much of the drink—I’d demand to see their receipts since it’s been offered. But cranky is right: they knew what they were doing when they concocted that name, and now they’re playing “it’s all in your dirty mind!” coy now that the publicity is out. These sort of businesses won’t back down unless they get hurt, through a boycott or a public reprimand from their corporate headquarters.

    You don’t mention the name of this place. It might be a public service to do so.

    • There is a bit more developing with this story. I will dig and post again.

      I didn’t post the name because it is a local bar. The bar keeps deleting its own comments on Facebook.

      I would hope young women would see the offensive name and boycott the bar. Will have to see what shakes out.

  2. Please–they call something ‘date grape’ and then blame YOU for getting their pun. What exactly were they going for then? Really it’s fitting what with all the victim-blaming in rape cases. Ugh. If women stopped going there they would probably think about changing it and being a little less douchey about it, unless of course they want an all-male clientele.

    • I think they were going for controversy. Publicity is good, even if negative. The owner responses have been very minimal and many are deleted from their Facebook page after the get the desired response. Flame-throwing at the expense of women. Sheesh!!

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