Cleaning house physically, emotionally, and mentally.

Caturday Adventures

Daughter has been going through her closet and drawers in an attempt to sort out items to give away. Thus containers and tubs that require investigation and catly approval.

MeiMei found a comfy spot in a paper bag and a tub. Double-score!

Eager to provide a second opinion of its suitability, Miko started sniffing around.

Noting her sisyfur’s interest, MeiMei hunkered down, determined not to give up her tub. Poor Miko couldn’t convince MeiMei to leave.

Typical Caturday.


Comments on: "Caturday Adventures" (2)

  1. mistletoeandhitch said:

    HuMom wishes someone would clean out closets and drawers at our house…and so do we. Nothing’s more fun that opening up all those hidden spaces for a couple of kitties to explore.

    • Cats are not holding their breath waiting for daughter to do any more cleaning of anything, anywhere–at least that’s what the mom thinks.

      At least our cats have that in common.

      TTFN Sandy


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