Cleaning house physically, emotionally, and mentally.

Since my daughter turned vegan, we have been having a rough time making a favorite, brownies. Vegan brownies.

I have probably made 5-6 batches of vegan brownies with no success. See Vegan Brownies – Fail

One requirement was that it must be from a mix as Daughter and I have limited time to devote to baking.

I am extremely happy (and satiated with chocolate yumminess) to report that there has been a delicious success in the making of vegan brownies.

Thank goodness (and I mean really good) for Their Vegan Brownie Bites recipe was the winner!

I could not find Tofutti cream cheese, but was able to find another vegan cream cheese. The recipe is easy and the results are to die for!

Thank you I love you!!


Comments on: "Success with Vegan Brownies!" (3)

  1. Yum! It’s too bad you can’t sample food via the internet! 😀

    • I totally agree. And the smell too. So very chocolaty. I have to make some tomorrow. Isn’t there smellivision somewhere?

      TTFN Sandy


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