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Sunday Football

UPDATE: Seahawks win!

When I was growing up, I watched football games with my mom; not my dad, my mom. For the Rose Bowl games I would plot each play on huge sheets of paper. At the end of the game, or a day or year later, I could look at that paper and see each play.

My love of football was anchored in the 1970’s when I cheered on George Blanda of the Oakland Raiders. Game after game, George’s quarterback and kicking skills provided the win. And Fred Biletnikoff was also on my list.

As I got older, I retained my love of football. I was lucky enough to attend a couple of Miami Dolphin games when Dan Marino was their quarterback.

Then came motherhood and I didn’t have time to watch football. Although I rarely watch TV anymore, this year I have been trying to watch me some football.
And my team is the Seattle Seahawks!! Today they play the evil San Francisco 49ers for the NFC championship. The winner goes to the Super Bowl.

Although I live in eastern Washington (Seattle is 300 miles to the west), Seahawk fever is strong!

  • Starbucks sold 12 cents cups of coffee last Friday for customers wearing Seahawk colors (blue and green).
  • Albertsons (my favorite grocery store) gives customers a 10% discount when they wear Seahawk clothing on game day.
  • A 12th man flag is now hanging from the clock tower in Riverfront Park. The 12th man is Seattle’s way of representing the fans; the 12th man on the field.


Where will I be on Sunday, January 19?
Watching the Seahawks wend their way to Super Bowl XLVIII.

Go hawks!


Comments on: "Sunday Football" (2)

  1. Do I dare mention I’m a 49ers fan? [Ducks behind protective wall] 😉

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