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Let’s Go Swimming!

Last night a storm blew in, literally. Strong winds, warm air, and rain.

The snow is melting and the rain keeps coming down. The ground is frozen so the water has no place to go. Thus the lake in my front yard.

Kind of a cool picture, huh? I used the panorama feature on my iPhone so you can get a complete view.

It is currently 46 degrees F. here. Hope it stays warm as I really don’t want an ice skating rink in the front yard. I prefer swimming over hockey.


Comments on: "Let’s Go Swimming!" (3)

  1. Eeeek. I used to hate the thaw-freeze cycles in Minnesota that would turn a puddle of melted snow into a skating rink for cars. (We used to joke about Camaro skating as an Olympic sport.) While it is nice to have temperatures rise about 40 when it’s been below freezing for weeks, I always knew it couldn’t last, not in January anyway. Be careful and don’t slip!

    • Camaro skating — I love it!! And very apropos as I am currently watching the US figure skating nationals.

      TTFN Sandy


  2. That is a cool feature…I’m sure my phone and/or camera have it, too. I’ll have to look for it. 🙂

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