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I Have a Grandcar!!

My daughter has had a car since high school. There is no bus service where we live, so when she was a junior in high school, I spent minimal $$ to provide transportation.

Bought a salvaged car, had a brother fix up the body, and off she drove. That car served her for several years!

However, recently, there have been reliability issues. Last month it was a new alternator belt. On Wednesday, she got a new battery installed. And then came the bad news.

The car had an oil leak and needed significant repairs. About $2000 worth of repairs. We decided that putting more $$ into this car may not be the wisest thing to do as everything about the car had and was falling apart.

A big decision was made to look into getting a more reliable vehicle. Daughter took a very serious look at her finances, and came up with a doable budget (which included wiggle room and still putting $ in savings).

Due to her work schedule, we only had yesterday to car shop. She kind of knew what she wanted and had a price she could afford. So yesterday we had a long long day of getting approved for a loan, looking for potential cars, test driving a car, and then negotiations.

We took a dinner break to clear our heads. French fries helped and she made the leap into adulthood by purchasing a used car. A certified Honda that fits her needs and budget. And should last for several years.

Ended up at the car dealership where I bought my car a year ago and even got the same salesman. Because I can’t drive at night, and it was late and snowing, the salesman (and another guy) drove the new car to our house. Daughter had to drive us home in my car. That is what I call service!!

Since daughter had to work early today and there was new snow on the ground, she drove her old car to work. I jumped in the new car and drove to our favorite tire store. After more $$, the baby (what daughter is calling the car) now has winter boots (snow tires on wheels).


I now have a grandcar!!


Comments on: "I Have a Grandcar!!" (6)

  1. Congratulations! Is it a Saturn? 🙂

    You also mentioned you can’t drive at night. I’m a little worried, as it’s getting harder for me to drive after dark as well. I’ve always been near-sighted, but now I have astigmatism and need special (and very expensive) lenses. If I’m driving in a a strange area that’s poorly lit, that makes it all the worse.

    Hope your daughter enjoys her new car! It also sounds like she has a nice mom who’ll help her care for it.

    • It’s a 2011 Honda Civic. Cute, huh?

      I too am very nearsighted and have astigmatism. I have had problems at dark for years, but my night- vision has gotten so bad that I do not feel safe driving.

      But now I have the beginning of cataracts which is not helping. I get another exam in a couple of months and see if they have gotten worse. Surgery is in the future, but apparently they need to get a bit worse to warrant the surgery.

      Oh well. Getting old sucks!!

      TTFN Sandy


      • Yikes. Good luck with the cataracts. I was told that when they do surgery for them, the surgeon also replaces your lens, resulting in a brand-new eye that doesn’t need glasses. I’m not sure if it applies to everyone, but I sure would love to have that surgery right now.

        Whatever happened to all those news stories about how we’d never grow old in the future because everything would be replaceable—not just joints and bones, but organs too? Not that I want to undergo surgery for anything, unless I was guaranteed I’d really be better when I woke up. :-/

        • A friend just had cataract surgery and she now only has to wear readers!! So I am hoping to have similar success when I have mine. And we have the same eye doctor.

          I agree about replacing all those worn parts. I need a new left knee. Would love to have that done sooner than not as I am tired of the pain. Will be seeing my arthritis doc next week. Will probably be getting another cortisone shot in my knee.

          How fun is that?

          TTFN Sandy


          • Ouch, the shot, ouch. I got one of those in my right shoulder after I tore my rotator cuff, and I almost cried, it hurt so bad. I also could use a new left knee, but my doctor just grunts as she examines my x-rays and tells me to exercise. I have a new health insurance carrier, so I have to change doctors. I’m wondering if the new one will have a different outlook on all my aches and pains.

          • I have had several cortisone shots; hand, shoulders, ankles, knees. My rheumatologist is a genius with shots and I haven’t had one hurt for several years now. Boy do I remember the ones many years ago that made me cry though. Medical progress I guess.

            I don’t see how exercise corrects a knee that has major cartilage damage, which is my issue at least. But I sure as heck am not a doctor.

            Maybe your doctor change will provide a different insight.

            TTFN Sandy


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