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Parrafin Pedicure!!

Today, daughter and I went for pedicures. And we opted for the parrafin wax treatment to moisturize the feet.
Feet placed in plastic bags containing some liquid parrafin wax. The wax was rolled around so the foot was completely covered. Then each foot placed in a little boot that was heated.

I cannot tell you how great this felt! When done, the slightly hardened wax was removed and my foot was soft soft soft!!

In honor of the season, I did a light blue with snowflakes. Daughter did pink with flower.
Wonder if putting snowflakes on my toes is tempting the snow gods? We don’t have any snow on the ground right now, though it is cold (20F). Hope not.


Comments on: "Parrafin Pedicure!!" (4)

  1. I had a pedicure twice. It was dreamy. Good for the both of you!

  2. Oooo, a parafin treatment sounds like what my feet need! Soooo dry! It’s 9 degrees this morning and going to be below zero for a couple of days.
    The air is super dry!
    I love the snowflakes. We got about 18 inches of snow in the last couple of days, so I have snowflakes around my toes all the time!

  3. Nah… I’ve had snowflake toes twice and it still hasn’t snowed here. It was 80 today.

    I loooooove parafin wax treatments!!!!!!! I considered getting a home machine but most of them have a fair amount of negative reviews and why buy one more thing to store when I can just drive a mile and pay a few bucks for it?!/

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