Cleaning house physically, emotionally, and mentally.

This past Sunday TV broadcast the Kennedy Center Honors. Among the five were Billy Joel and Carlos Santana. Although I don’t watch a lot of TV, I set my calendar to catch this show. And it did not disappoint!!

Billy Joel has been a top favorite of mine since he first came on the music scene in the 70s. When I need to do a lot of boring computer work, it is Billy Joel music that reigns supreme. The music just keeps me going without even thinking about it.

Here is Garth Brooks performing two of Billy Joel’s songs. I was pleasantly surprised how great his performance was. Be sure to especially watch the second song. US veterans take the stage and sing along. How moving!!

One of my favorite BJ songs is We Didn’t Start the Fire. I think this song should be part of required curriculum for 20th century history.

And then there is Carlos Santana. The rhythm and heartbeat of his music makes me dance, even if I am sitting in a chair at work. The guitar players presenting his music on the show were unbelievable! Huge shout out to Juanes and Tom Morello!

I only wish they would have also had Rob Thomas sing Smooth.

And although Billy Joel and Carlos Santana were among my favs, I must mention the other honorees.

Herbie Hancock
Shirley MacLaine
Martina Arroyo


All spectacular and well-deserving. But Billy and Carlos…


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