Cleaning house physically, emotionally, and mentally.

Yesterday daughter and I decided to go to an early evening movie. The theater is only 5 minutes away, so of course we wait until the last possible minute to leave.

While walking into the theater, I began to notice that I was walking on clouds. Yes, that’s what it felt like. I had my slippers on! And they are extremely comfortable, like walking on a cloud.

I could not believe that I had forgotten to put on boots or shoes. Quick check to be sure I had on other necessities such as pants, blouse, and coat. Check, check, and check. Whew.

American Hustle was very entertaining. The music from the late 70’s was a wondrous trip down memory lane. Christian Bale was exceptional (as always) , but I had nightmares over his hair.

One quick side note about the movie. It takes place in the late 1970’s. At one point Irving (Christian Bale) gave his wife a space oven (microwave). He told her to not put anything metal in it. Wife (Jennifer Lawrence) totally ignored his warning and of course a small fire started.

Why do I mention this? Because some 35 years later, metal in a microwave is still an issue. Daughter wasn’t thinking and put this cup in the microwave. Thankfully only a little melted rubber.

Back to the evening. I had eaten some popcorn earlier that apparently did not agree with me. So was up sick all night.

January 1 started out as a 2-fer, meaning I lost my mind (slippers at the movie?) and then lost my dinner.

I do hope this is not a sign of things to come.


Comments on: "A 2-fer; Losing Mind and Dinner" (2)

  1. i love wearing slippers in public. i used to have a goal to be known as “the crazy slipper lady” but that was when I lived in a upper middle class pedestrian area. now i’m more in “the hood” and slippers are commonplace.

    someone else also said they really enjoyed the flashback aspect of American Hustle. the one time i put foil in the microwave, it sparked like crazy!!

  2. Popcorn is a killer when you have a touchy tummy, much as I love it. Hope you’re feeling better!

    I’ve run out of the house wearing slippers with dress clothes. I once had to stop and buy a pair of dress shoes, as I was slated to deliver a speech and couldn’t very well stand in front of a room with pink fuzzy slippers on. (Well, I could have, but you know….)

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