Cleaning house physically, emotionally, and mentally.

Would everyone please check their calendar! Are you sure it is only a few hours away from the start of 2014?? Double-check pppllleeeeassssse.

Although I am in calendar shock, here is my brief 2013 year in review.

  • Finally got rid of chronic sore throat and hoarseness of over 18 months.
  • List significant poundage.
  • Daughter graduated from college!!
  • Daughter moved back home.
  • New Balinese kitty, Miko.
  • Cortisone shots in shoulder. Yah, old age is a bitch.
  • Read 72 books this year.
  • Ate 7,324 pieces of dark chocolate. Oh baby!!
  • Fell off ladder and injured my side. Which leads to 2014 resolution to stay off ladders.
  • Got to know my daughter’s boyfriend. What a pleasure!
  • Mini-vacation to Nelson, B. C.
  • Business trip to Santa Clara, California.
  • Found some of previously lost poundage. Again, leads to another 2014 resolution to loss (and not refind) poundage.

So now I am off to fix some dinner, watch a movie (Finding Nemo), and drink some Bailey’s Irish Creme.
Happy 2014 to all!!

Sheesh – Ellie started celebrating early and is already passed out. No more Bailey’s for her.


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