Cleaning house physically, emotionally, and mentally.

Both daughter and I love Chinese food. Unfortunately, we also like it to be conveniently located. For us. Thus we have been missing our fav cuisine for some time.

Luckily this topic came up in a discussion at daughter’s work and a suggestion was offered. So last week, we tried out the Red Dragon. We both agreed that it is our new favorite place.

And daughter took me there for lunch today too. Sweet and sour battered tofu; tastes as great as it looks. Disclaimer: I personally never eat Chinese without chopsticks. Obviously the fork belongs to daughter. Blasphemer! 20131229-165241.jpg
And my favorite, egg foo yung and fried rice. 20131229-165350.jpg

We ate our fill and then came home to watch the Seattle Seahawks crush the St. Louis Rams. Go hawks!!

And the best part was that the Chinese did not result in a trip to the bathroom. For someone with Crohn’s Disease, this is indeed a highlight.

Think I will now take a nap because I have to work tomorrow.


Comments on: "Finding the “Right” Restaurant" (6)

  1. ah, you’re one who can probably appreciate that having my gallbladder removed has also, at least temporarily, halted all of my ibs/crohns symptoms!! I’m AMAZED & THRILLED!!

    • That’s good. I also had mine removed about 4 years before I had part of my large intestine removed. I never noticed having or not having my gall bladder affecting my Crohns. Lucky me I guess.

      TTFN Sandy


  2. I love old school Chinese American food, especially egg foo yung. The irony is that the “authentic” Cantonese and Szechuan restaurants usually don’t make it very well, probably because it’s an American creation. There’s one restaurant here that does it just right. I hope it never closes up, because I don’t think there are many other Chinese restaurants like it anymore.

    You have Crohn’s? Is it very severe?

    • There used to be a lot of Chinese restaurants where I live. But there just aren’t that many. Guess that’s why we were so excited to find a good one.

      Yup – I have Crohns. Have had it for years. Three surgeries, one of which was very major. But I drift in and out of remission. Am in remission right now. I would rate my Crohns as moderate.

      TTFN Sandy


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