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And a Ho Ho Ho to All

Merry Christmas to everyone!

Family tradition is to go to my mom’s for brunch on Xmas morning. After a lengthy discussion , we figured out we have been doing this for at least 60 years. Some minor changes, such as location, but brunch on Xmas morning endures.

This year there were 15 at the table.

The plate on the left with food is my daughters. She is vegan, so her ever considerate uncle set aside some roasted potatoes that were not tossed into the traditional egg omelette mix. I usually make a fruit salad with whip cream. So I also made some without whip cream for her and anyone else.

Afterwards, we did a gift card exchange, using revised white elephant rules. I got my selection stolen 3 times, before I got what I wanted. Home Depot here I come.

Some family member–how shall remain nameless–was getting a little territorial about his selection.

Just kidding!! There was a conversation and show and tell about personal weapons. In my warped mind, I thought the photo was kind of typical in an odd sort of way.

Hope you all had a marvelous Xmas as I did.


Comments on: "And a Ho Ho Ho to All" (1)

  1. Looks wonderful. And I love the idea of a 60+ year tradition~!

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