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I’ve Been Breached!

Less than one week before Xmas and I find out that my debit card has had a security breach. So I can’t use it. So I have to write checks. So I am getting writer’s cramp.
As with several of you, I rarely carry cash and use my debit card for most purchases. I’ve been debiting for years and with the use of an online bill payer, I probably only write one check a month, if that.

I recently just ordered new checks; thank goodness they arrived two days ago. And now I have to use them. Today I went out for lunch and had to pay with cash as the restaurant did not take personal checks. Also went shopping at Fred Meyers. My check would not go through because I don’t have a recent check history at Freddies since I always use the debit card. A supervisor had to check my ID and override the system to allow the check.

What to do since security breaches seem to becoming more frequent. I sure don’t want to carry cash. Why can’t I have a microchip debit card? The USA is too slow with the implementation on microchip technology. Although chip cards are starting to roll out now, most large retailers won’t have terminals in place until 2015.

Guess I better get use to writing checks.


Comments on: "I’ve Been Breached!" (2)

  1. I haven’t had a breach yet. Fortunately, a branch of my credit union is very nearby so I can get a new card, and restored credit limits, in a matter of minutes. But since I haven’t been buying anything, it hasn’t mattered.

    Sorry you’re dealing with the inconvenience!

  2. The timing is particularly good.
    Cash, perhaps?
    Though walking about with large amounts of it does feel a bit insecure too.

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