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New Home for MeiMei

Last Saturday, I took MeiMei to her new home. MeiMei is my 3.5 year old black cat that has been struggling with sharing the house with the other cats.

Over the past 2 years, she has continually bullied the other cats so much that they actually avoid her when possible. She bullied them at dinner time so that 2 of them were losing weight and MeiMei was packing it on.

With the use of Feliway dispensers, lots and lots of MeiMei attention, and time, an uneven peace was reached at the house. But MeiMei was just not the happy cat that I knew she could be.

After talking with the vet about her behavior, I came to the conclusion that MeiMei might be happier if she was the only cat. Thus the search for a perfect home for the kid.

Finally, after a 6 month search, I found what I think will be the best home for her. A lady from work just moved into a new house and she wanted a black cat. So Saturday was moving day.

I took MeiMei’s bed, several favorite toys, litter box, litter, food, dishes, treats, and her brush to her new home.

On day 3, MeiMei is starting to settle in. She was hanging around the bed and her new mom got out her brush. That apparently did the trick, because play time followed, ending in a loving purr session.

As for the remaining 3 at my house, they also are settling in. Yesterday, Sunni and Miko were playing together. They have never done that before. Also, Ellie seems more relaxed with MeiMei gone (Ellie and MeiMei did not care for each other).

Although I miss MeiMei–she was the best snuggler–I hope she will be happier at her new home. And because the new mom and I work at the same place, I am getting daily updates.

So, in honor if MeiMei, here are some videos and pictures.









Comments on: "New Home for MeiMei" (4)

  1. Sounds like you did the right thing. Being a loving animal companion often means doing the hard thing for you but the right thing for your beloved pal. I hope peace rests in everyone’s heart and home.

    • Apparently I posted about MeiMei’s new home too soon. Earlier today I received a call from the new owner and it is not working out. MeiMei is showing her displeasure by peeing on everything. So she is coming back home tomorrow.

      Oh well, cat-induced stress is coming back into our lives for a while.

      TTFN Sandy


  2. Awww. Hard to part but it sounds like it’s worked out well!

  3. It’s perfect when you can find them the home they need. We did that with two of ours because they were being bullied by the other animals here. So critters like to be only children!

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