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Scratching Post Redux

My cats like to exercise their claws. Thus I have several scratching posts at their disposal. And all of their cat trees also has scratching posts built in.

So with four cats and 32 claws (only counting 4 front claws per foot), it is no wonder that at least a couple of the scratching posts have seen better days.

I considered just buying a new one to replace a tattered post, but those items are getting more and more expensive. Instead, I thought I would try a quick fix.

One of the favorite posts is a 2 piece post. The top half is sisal or hemp rope, and the bottom half is carpet. Both were shredded beyond repair. Wish I would have taken a before picture, but I forgot to in all the DIY excitement.

Step one: Supplies. I went to the local hardware store and bought some sisal rope for a few $$. Then I stopped at a local carpet store and asked if the had any samples or remnants. The sales lady generously gave me a free sample.

Step two: Tools. I ferreted out my handy-dandy glue gun and high temperature glue sticks. With all those claws attacking the post, I thought heavy duty stickiness was crucial. I also grabbed a box cutter for the carpet piece.

Step three: Roping. This was so easy! I just spread a short length of glue (about 3 inches) and tightly wrapped the rope on the bare post. Repeat until done.

Step four: Carpet. I had peeled off the previously shredded carpet, so I used that for the exact size of the new piece. Originally I thought heavy duty scissors would do the trick. Wrong! Using the box cutter was like slicing butter with a hot knife. Easy and quick. The new carpet was a bit rigid so I rolled it up like a cigar several times to get a bit of give in the carpet piece. And once the carpet was flexible, I simply squirted on a line of glue vertical-wise, and pressed the carpet onto the post. Extra glue secured the carpet at the top and bottom, and where the ends met.

Voila!! Newly functional cat scratching post! Total cost < $7.00 for rope and glue sticks. Time < 1 hour, which included trip to get supplies and actual fixing.

And the cats think it is better than ever.




Comments on: "Scratching Post Redux" (2)

  1. I’ve done the renovation routine a few times myself … with occasional help from the cats.

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