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I love Disney! And here is a short animated film from the Disney people who brought you Tangled. It is cute, so watch and enjoy.


Comments on: "Watch It Wednesday – Tangled Ever After" (5)

  1. I forget that I’m watching animation when I watch these kinds of productions. Technology has revolutionized animation, hasn’t it?

  2. you might like the paintings of Michael Phillips / Durden. He’s a Disney animator and the only one who can get away with the ripoffs that he does. Giclee prints are very inexpensive. “Happily Ever After” is one of my favs:

  3. I didn’t see “Tangled” but I laughed so hard at the part where the castle exploded, I think I must have some secret resentment towards Disney and their fireworks-and-castle logo. I guess Rapunzel got a nice bob to go with her new role as princess? 😉

    • I did not see Tangled either. This video seemed so Rube Goldbergian to me. And it was all the little things that made me smile. One of my favs was when the horse crashed through all the market carts and ended up with a hat, jewelry, and shoes. Just that one second shot where the horse struck a pose cracks me up.

      Blow up those castles and chop off everyone’s hair. But as you mentioned, she is a princess so a fair trade.

      TTFN Sandy

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