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Cats, Dogs, and Dragons

The day started off early as I am dog-sitting for some friends. Max, a large yellow lab, was looking so forlorn, even though I had just finished playing with him. He asked me ( in a way that dog-lovers can understand) to let his people know that he missed them.

Later that day, I stopped by a little antique, second-hand store. And found the cutest pair of little dragon earrings. I also bought a pair of ruby studs because dragons need a bit of fire (I have a double piercing on one ear). Don’t you agree?


Since it was lunch time, I met up with my daughter for lunch. We also did a quick stop at Trader Joe’s. Can’t tell you how much I love that store. Frozen tamales, blood-orange soda, sushi, and so on. Only wish it was closer instead of 16 miles across town, a 30-40 minute drive – one way.

Finally made it back home to relax and get in some reading. Even the cats were relaxing. At least Ellie (my little Siamese) was until Miko (the 6.5 month Balinese) decided to interrupt the peace and quiet. Listen carefully and you can hear Ellie hissing.

Hope your day did not end with a hissy fit.


Comments on: "Cats, Dogs, and Dragons" (2)

  1. my cats go more for the growling and Rrrrrrrr!! than hissing.

    cute dog; cute earrings. and thanks for the reminder to send a request to my office’s crazy cat lady network – to borrow earrings for my costume!

  2. Scrappy perked up when I played the video! 🙂

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