Cleaning house physically, emotionally, and mentally.

Busy Week

It has been a busy busy week at my house.

Cat Updates

Miko visited the vet and was spayed. She did not obey the doctor’s orders to “not lick the incision” so an intervention was in order. Thanks to an idea from Sprocket, Miko got her own little blue donut.
As you can see, it did not prevent her from eating or drinking, but incision licking was out of the question. And she is now back to her regular cuteness.
Ellie continues to be super thin due to her gastro problems. So she is now taking a daily dose of a chicken-flavored prednisone-like liquid. Although Ellie is pretty good at avoiding me when it is medicine time, I also am getting better at snagging her for treatment. Hope this helps and she gains some weight! She doesn’t like having her picture taken either!
MeiMei went in for her yearly checkup and weighs in at a whopping 12.2 lbs. She is a little chubby but otherwise doing well. Her favorite place is the sink.
Sunni continues to be the sweetie and snuggle-bunny of the group. She is a love!

Non-cat Updates

Daughter and I went to a local bakery this morning for a yogurt parfait. Although this looks like an ice cream sundae, it was yogurt, fresh blueberries, and a store-made honey granola that was exquisite!! Yum!!
Then we went for dual pedicures! Although I do like the leg massage part, sometimes it is a little too hard around my shins; I got a bit bruised this time. Guess I need to remind them to be gentle around my shins. Here are the results.
Then we did a bit of shopping before hitting Olive Garden for lunch. And then a bit more shopping before heading home to laundry and a nap. By early evening we still had to do some grocery shopping. But that was painless as daughter suggested we hit Coldstone Creamery as a reward for getting everything done. You betcha!!


Comments on: "Busy Week" (1)

  1. Nice nails!
    My Boo is fat due to GI issues. Like me, she ate constantly to make up for the fact that food wouldn’t stay in her. That stopped and she lost some weight but she’s still got a belly. We put Espressa on appetite stimulants to get her weight up. Pain in the ass to get them down but they were effective!

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