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You Go Girl!!

Sometime today, Diana Nyad is expected to reach the shore at Key West, Florida. She entered the water on Saturday at Havana, Cuba.

As a fellow 60+ woman, I am in awe of her strength and determination. All I can say is “You go girl!”

Follow her extreme dream at Diana Nyad.

Her path (from her web site).



Comments on: "You Go Girl!!" (5)

  1. I heard and that is quite an accomplishment. Not one I aspire to, but amazing nonetheless!

  2. Pretty exciting that she made it!
    Today I’m reading that a special jelly-fish-proof face mask made all the difference. I dunno, I think I’d need a LOT more than that to complete the journey… thinks like strength, stamina, and will.

  3. You’re over 60? I thought you were younger, but then I’m a chronically bad guesser of age.

    I’m rooting for Diana Nyad as well. She’s tried to do this several times and she’s been stopped, not by any lack of ability, but by jellyfish stings and weather. This time it looks like she’s on her way to completing the swim. She said, “It’s never too late to chase your dream.” I’m sure thousands of women, young and old, are cheering her on.

    • Yup – am 62. You probably thought I was younger because of my daughter’s age. She was born a couple of weeks shy of my 40th birthday. I was considered AMA. Advanced Maternal Age. If I didn’t feel old before, having that label smacked on me sure did the trick.

      So proud of Diana Nyad.

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