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Wallaroo in the Roadway

This was the announcement on the news last night. I checked my calendar to ensure it was not April Fools Day. Then I checked my location in case I had been mysteriously relocated to Australia.

Nope – I am in eastern Washington state and it is still mid-August.

Hopkins, a wallaroo, is missing not far from where I live. He apparently escaped from his home when he was frightened by some construction noise. I hope he is found safe and sound.



Comments on: "Wallaroo in the Roadway" (4)

  1. […] weeks ago a wallaroo (a type of kangaroo) escaped his enclosure near where I live. Read about it here. And I don’t live in […]

  2. Poor little guy! But how hard can it be to find a wallaroo in eastern WA? I suppose it’s thickly wooded in some parts of the area, but an animal like that would stick out like the proverbial sore thumb.

  3. Well that’s not something you see everyday in Washington State! Poor thing. I’m easily frightened by construction noise, too… 😉 Keep us posted on the story. I want to know if he finds his way back home safely.

  4. Oh, I hope he is safe, too!

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