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Cupcake Errands

Saturday, the day to run all those little errands that I never get around to. I got up and ate a quick breakfast.

Wait, I have to mention my breakfast. Daughter quite likes the Kashi Heart to Heart cereal. I snitched a handful of dry pieces one day to try them. Yuck – tastes like cardboard! To which Daughter responded, “How do you know what cardboard tastes like?” Good point, so I thought I would try them again, but with the requisite milk and fruit (banana in this case).

Well… It was okay until I had a spoonful that did not have a piece of banana with it. Cardboard. I am telling you it tastes like cardboard. To me anyway. I have now taste-tested this cereal twice and I don’t care for it. However, Daughter loves it and goes through a box every week. Never fear Kashi, I love many of your other cereals, just not the cardboard one.

Anyway, in an effort to make efficient use of my time, I threw a load of jeans in the washer. They would be done when I got back and ready for drying outside.

Here is the errand list.

  • Car wash. Had to get purple bird poop off the car. Poop that is purple, not from purple birds.
  • Hobby Lobby. Picking up some paint colors to put the finishing touches on my mom’s mail box. Yes, mom, I am getting this done. ( It was a Xmas present, but I had trouble with the paint due to cold weather, and and getting back to it.)
  • Car license tabs for Daughters car. Line was only about 15 minutes out, so check this one off the list.
  • Pet store. Picked up some special cat food that Ellie loves. Since she is so finicky and tiny, I get her what she wants. And of course I had to buy a fresh catnip banana.
  • Lunch. Subway was next to the pet store and they now have a pulled pork sandwich. Just had to try it! I got mine toasted with barbecue sauce, provolone, and then a bit of lettuce. Very tasty!
  • Cupcakes. Finally, the reason for this post. Sweet Frostings just opened at a nearby location. Of course I had to investigate. I not only picked up 6 cupcakes, but also grabbed some gelato.

From left-to-right, top-to-bottom:

  • chocolate decadence
  • minty chocolate
  • chocolate snowball
  • apple pie
  • carrot cake
  • I forgot

As of this posting, I have only tried the chocolate snowball. Sorry, but this post must end because I have died and gone to heaven. Seriously!


Comments on: "Cupcake Errands" (2)

  1. I won’t rest until you eat the mystery cupcake and tell us what flavor!

  2. Great news about the mailbox…I am pondering the choice between cereal and cupcake…guess this may be a no brainer.

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