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Because of our strawberry addiction (read Strawberry Fields Forever-Part 1 here), having yummy red nuggets available year-around is a requirement.

Yes, we could buy frozen berries at the store, but why bother when they can already be part of the family in our very own freezer.

Starting in June, we place our orders for Klicker strawberries. This year, we started with a 20 pound pail. Because of the addiction, we gobbled them down and didn’t even have any to freeze.

So we purchased another pail and at least got a few bags frozen. By now, satiated with the berry, we were able to look to the future. Holy Berry (not Halle Berry), we didn’t have enough frozen berries to even get through fall let alone an entire winter! Thus another pail was ordered and received last Saturday.

After a quick baking of angel food cake to taste test the berries, the freezing process was ready to begin.

We like placing about 1-1/2 cops of berries in a quart freezer bag. This is usually enough for about 1 week of smoothies. Thus we needed many bags filled.

As Seen on TV had a little bag holder that might help, so I tried it out.


Success! I was pleasantly surprised at the ease of use and effectiveness. Having filled over 20 bags, there was nary a spill.

Squeeze the air our, lay them flat, and load them in the freezer.


Of course, there are still enough berries left in the frig for one more week of fresh berry heaven. I am prepared to take on the task!!


Comments on: "Strawberry Fields Forever – Part 2" (2)

  1. Ohhh… one of my Japanese shows featured a guy living in… Ecuador?… who has produced the world’s sweetest strawberries (more than 2x sweeter than regular strawberries). But they’re hard to grow and in such short supply that, as of the taping, there weren’t enough to export. I WANT THOSE BERRIES!!

  2. […] Strawberry Fields Forever – Part 2 ( […]

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