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Lost and Found

You have heard the saying, “If my head wasn’t attached, I’d lose it.” That’s me – sorta. I don’t necessarily lose items, but just forget where I put them. However, last week I thought I actually lost something.

I left the house to go to work with my purse, phone, and a container of strawberries. Hands were full. It was garbage day so I set everything down to wheel out the garbage cans. Then washed my hands, grabbed everything again and left the house.

When I got to work, I quickly grabbed my purse and strawberries and exited the car. While walking away I looked for my phone. Didn’t see it in its usual spot so I turned around and went back to the car. Nope, not there.

Oh well, it must be in my purse. When I got to my desk, I did a quick search of my purse but no phone. Hmmmm. Where could it be?

Logically it would be at home, in the car, or in my purse. Since I already searched car and purse, it must be at home. A quick call to my daughter at home did not yield the missing phone.

And then I had that aha moment. Last fall I was on a jury for a case where a purse was stolen containing an iPhone. By using an app called Find my iPhone, the police tracked the stolen phone and arrested the thieves. Several jurors soon installed and activated that app, including me.

So my aha moment was to use the app to find my phone. While at my desk, I opened a browser, found the app, and searched for my phone. Here is what the tracking info provided.


Yup, that’s the parking lot at work. See that little green dot? My car was about 15 feet from there. And although the picture was not current, it was enough to identify the location. So it must be in the car or on the ground. Back out to the car I went. Looking front and back, no phone. Looking under the seats, no phone. Looking outside the car on the ground, no phone.

I gritted my teeth and assumed the Nancy Drew position of it has to be here so I will find it. After several more minutes of searching, I did spy the sneaky little bugger! It was residing in the 1/2 inch wide space between the passenger seat and the console. Had to use a pen to poke at it so I could finally grab it.

Lessons learned:

  1. Valuable info was obtained while on a jury.
  2. I have only partially lost my mind.
  3. I am glad I installed and activated the Find my iPhone app.
  4. Daughter was right when she said it had to be in the car.

Although I found my phone, I still haven’t found my mind. Oh well, maybe there’s an app for that.


Comments on: "Lost and Found" (3)

  1. i lose a crazy amount of stuff in that little space in the car. fortunately, most of mine falls all the way through to the floor so I can find it by checking under the seats (though I have to do so from both front & back views)
    glad you found it! (I was sure it was going to turn out to be in the strawberries)

  2. There is an app for everything. “Find my Mind” has to be on the drawing boards! 😉

  3. The app is a good idea. If I ever get a smartphone, I’ll have to install it. Pity they don’t make one for car keys, reading glasses, wallets, etc. I could really use one for my father, who as of late loses something almost daily.

    I sometimes think I’m losing it when I misplace things in really obvious places—my coffee mug (on the coffee table!), car keys (in the car), checkbook (in my desk). My doctor assured me that just because you misplace something once in awhile, doesn’t mean you have early-onset Alzheimer’s. It’s usually brain fatigue, from trying to remember too many things or perform too many tasks at once. I can’t think of many women who aren’t doing the latter at some point during their week. 🙂

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