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Catching Up via Pixs

Have been busy, so here is a brief visual summary of recent happenings.

Daughter graduated from college with a degree in Asian/Pacific Studies.


We had several days of heavy rain and temperature highs in the 50s. My trees got a bit soggy.


All the cats are getting along, although Miko’s best buddy is Ellie. Here they are checking out a new toy, Mr. Smarty Pants.


One of Daughter’s long-time friends got married. So Daughter went to Bachelorette Party. All dressed up. Isn’t she cute?


And then there was the wedding. Here is a pix of me and daughter.


And a pix of Daughter and her boyfriend. He came over for a few days to also attend the wedding.


It is now hot, hot weather. In 90’s. We are suppose to get over 100 in the next couple of days. Arg!! But my tall iris and day lilies are looking beautiful.


And it’s now time to get some sleep in preparation for work and hot hot weather. Two of the girls are already in bed. Guess I will join them.



Comments on: "Catching Up via Pixs" (4)

  1. Congratulations! Did your daughter graduate from the University of Puget Sound? Her gown looks an awful lot like my younger daughter’s when she graduated from there. My daughter got her degree in East Asian Languages, which included a lot of classes in Asian history, art, politics, etc.

    It’s been hot down here too. Hope you have air conditioning! My son in Olympia doesn’t—nobody in that town does, unless you count the mall and some of the big stores like Target. He says he enjoys the heat, since it’s a nice change from the cool, rainy weather they normally get all year around.

    • She is a Central Washington University grad — in Ellensburg.

      And we do have AC because even 70 is too hot for me.

      The first 2 years I lived in Miami, we did not have AC. Thought I was going to melt – literally. So when I moved to eastern Washington I thought it would be ok. I grew up here and no one had AC. But Miami spoiled me and I only lasted for 2 years again before getting AC. Thank goodness!!!

      My daughter is like your son; doesn’t need AC and loves the rain.

  2. Great pics! It’s always fun to see families! Congrats on your daughter’s graduation!
    I am so impressed that all four kitties were in that picture! They were entranced by that new toy!

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