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Word Angst

I drove to Daughter’s college town yesterday for the last visit before graduation on June 8.

In the recent past, I would often stop at a McDonalds to grab a quick drink. It was directly on the way, so the stop never affected the travel schedule for more than 1-2 minutes.

This is what I saw on yesterday’s drive.


Closed? Temporarily closed? For remodeling? What the ????

There is nothing there! The old McDonalds has been completely dismantled. The lot is a huge area of dirt – just dirt.


How can something that doesn’t exist be considered “temporarily closed?”
How can it be considered a remodel when there isn’t anything standing to remodel? Remodel is defined as an improvement to a structure. If there is no structure, how can it be improved?

How about:

  • A new McDonalds appearing soon.
  • Rebuilding Ronald’s Restaurant.

Lame- yes. But more accurate than the current signage. Am I being too picky here?

(Sorry for vague pictures. I was driving and could only hold camera up and shoot. But I captured the sign!!)


Comments on: "Word Angst" (5)

  1. One of the best things about traveling is spying these zany signs along the way. 🙂

  2. Ha! That is funny. More appropriate would have been “A New and Improved McDonald’s Coming Soon!”
    What a surprise.

  3. LOL, someone’s hiding something behind those words.

  4. i totally agree with you

  5. Maybe they thought they were just going to remodel at first, then they changed their minds and razed the place? :-/

    I had a favorite taco stand in a town off of I-5. I always stopped there to grab a quick veggie taco and a drink, until one day, it was locked up and shuttered. There wasn’t even an “out of business” sign on it. I asked at the gas station across the street what happened to the stand; they said the owner had retired and tried to sell the place, but there weren’t any takers. So I started going to the McDonald’s down the road. Hope I didn’t jinx that one.

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