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Sibling Rivalry

Miko has been home since Monday, but only briefly met her sisters on Tuesday.

Each day is a bit more introduction. MeiMei, the bully cat, has been mostly ignoring Miko except for a few moments of playtime.

Sunni was hesitant at first, but has now shown Miko the house, water, food, treats, and several litter box locations.

But Ellie, mild-mannered Ellie, has been literally having multiple hissy-fits whenever she even sees Miko. It is getting better though. Ha! See for yourself.


Comments on: "Sibling Rivalry" (3)

  1. No matter how snippy it gets around there, I can’t get over those blue-blue eyes!

  2. It’s funny how the most mild-mannered cat will often take the greatest umbrage at receiving a new kitten. I hope Miko doesn’t take it personally, poor baby.

  3. That wasn’t too bad. It looks like Ellie will adjust.
    Beautiful kitties.

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