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Busy Day!!

Wahoo – leaving today to pick up Kumiko! Here’s the plan.

Daughter and her BF are running in the Spokane Bloomsday road race. So I dropped them off earlier and came back home to pack up. Read about Bloomsday – there are some 50,000 people on the course. It is a huge deal here in Spokane. My daughter has participated several times. Here she is right before the start.


I will pick them up at 1:00 and we hit the road! Three hours to college town to drop off BF. Daughter and I drive a few more hours to Kumiko’s birthplace.

Staying in hotel tonight (pets are free). Should be interesting with a 2 month old kitten.
Here is Kumiko (bottom left) with her mum and siblings. Getting prepared for separation – or maybe they are just hungry.

Wish us luck. More later.


Comments on: "Busy Day!!" (3)

  1. Is there ANYTHING quite as fun as bonding with a kitty for the first time….I still remember all of mine. Have fun!

  2. Good luck! Though I’m sure everything will go well. Two months seems a little early to take home the baby, but she looks like she’s ready for an adventure or two.

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