Cleaning house physically, emotionally, and mentally.

You know you are an optimist if you take all your drapes down, wash them, and hang them right back up. Of course you don’t need to iron those sheers because the wrinkles will automagically disappear once you hang them up.



(Maybe they just need to hang another 24 hours.)


Comments on: "You are an Optimist if…" (2)

  1. I did the same thing this weekend – except, instead of sheers they were those thick light-blocking curtains. I figure it makes no difference – I don’t have people in the house and the male cats are just gonna ‘mark’ them again anyway – that should remove the wrinkles!

  2. Yes! I have that kind of faith in fabric and lots of other things. The wrinkles will eventually come out. If they don’t, the wrinkles are meant to stay in to give the thing character. 😉

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