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C’est la Vie

I just returned from a quick adventure to the Seattle area with my daughter. The main reason for the trip was to go see newborn Balinese kittens and pick out the newest member of the family.

Unfortunately there was only one male and he was already sold. So I now wait for a future litter. BTW – that was why the last Tuesday Trivia was about Balinese cats.

Just look at these little cuties!


The kitties are 4.5 days old. Still a little early to tell if they are seal point or blue point. So sweet!! The mommy is a blue point Balinese. Isn’t she beautiful beyond words.
We visited the kittens and then met some of the other cats. Chuck (aka Count Chuckula) was a favorite. Yes, those are his natural fangs.

And here is another handsome boy. His mother will probably be the mother of my kitten (later this year).
So no new kitty for Ellie right now. C’est la vie.


Comments on: "C’est la Vie" (7)

  1. that’s a bummer.
    i want a cat with fangs sooooo much!

  2. These kitties are absolutely stunning. I laughed at Chuck’s fangs!

  3. Those blue eyes remind me of someone…I wonder who? Oh! Me! 🙂

  4. Why do you want a male kitty? Males tend to spray, yowl, and be more restless, even after they’ve been neutered. (Well, scratch the last one, my feral girl loved roaming the house at night.) I’d also have a tough time not choosing one of those kittens. *sigh*

    • I had 2 male cats before and they were easy to deal with. They both died and now I have 3 females. Sheesh – what a catty bunch! Don’t need any more cat estrogen.

      How is the dog doing? Hoping brother steps up to the task. Doubt it though based on previous behavior you have mentioned.

      Take care!!!

      TTFN Sandy

      • Dog needs a lesson in doggie etiquette. She jumps on me when she sees me first thing in the morning and steps on my feet. I have bruises on my arms, chest and left foot now—does this qualify as being attacked? 😀 She’s also developed a taste for people food. Last night I brought home fish & chips and the dog all but snatched the bags out of my hands. My father and brother deny it, but I think they’ve been slipping her bits of food from their plates.

        Of course, my brother does nothing to stop her from doing these things. He’s spoiled himself, so he allows his dog to be spoiled. The two of them will be a delightful couple in years to come. 😛

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