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Today’s trivia is about cats. Balinese cats to be exact. And I am picking this very subject for a personal reason that I will disclose in this weekend’s post.

  • A group of cats is a clowder. But what is a group of kittens called? A kindle of kitties! Isn’t that cute!


  • The Balinese cat is often referred to as a long- haired Siamese. The breed came about due to natural genetic mutations that resulted in the long hair.
  • The Balinese was accepted as a breed by the Cat Fanciers Association in 1970.
  • Most long-haired cats have 2 coats. The Balinese only has 1 coat, no undercoat.
  • The Balinese has a lovely plumed tail.



Comments on: "Trivia Tuesday – Balinese Cats" (5)

  1. If Amazon used “kindle of kitties”, I’d finally buy one!
    Now I wonder if my friends’ Siamese kitties were actually Balinese

    Hope our weekend reveal is a good one!

  2. A kindle of kittens? Because once they’re set loose, all hell breaks loose? 😉

    (One of our cats knocked over a lit candle when he was a mischievous kitten. Luckily the candle extinguished itself when it hit the carpet. If it landed in a nearby pile of newspapers, I don’t think the ending would’ve been quite as happy.)

  3. awww, a kindle! that is so cute.

    Balinese kitties are so beautifully floofy.

  4. Huh…. A kindle of kittens, eh? Our house is Apple central (professional default), so we’ll just have to vote with our feet and go with an iPad of kittens 😉

  5. These are lovely cats! And I didn’t know any of the interesting facts before, so thank you for educating me! 🙂

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