Cleaning house physically, emotionally, and mentally.

Always being judged. It is today’s society and I can usually ignore comments, side glances, or even the eye rollings. But never did I think that it would invade my home, my private sanctuary. And never did I think it would come from my feline roomie, MeiMei.

So MeiMei, my little jackets are not up to your standards? Too colorful? Too old-fashion? What’s with the judgement?

My self-confidence has been damaged. I will never leave home again! At least with Joan Rivers, I got a laugh or two.


Comments on: "Harassed by the Fashion Police" (3)

  1. Haha! At least she only disliked two of them!

  2. Hair balls.
    Mine take the direst approach.

  3. I used to think my cat Eliza was the reincarnation of a fashion designer or model who died young and tragically. She would go into my closet, scan my clothes, then knock the ones she didn’t like off of the hangers. She would also stare intently at me while I got dressed. If she didn’t like my outfit, she would sniff and turn her tail at me.

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