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With Valentine’s Day coming up, let’s look at a bit of trivia about our favorite organ, the heart.

  • Mary Shelley, author of Frankenstein, kept her dead husband’s heart (after his death of course) wrapped in silk.
  • Intense laughter sends approximately 20% more blood flowing throughout your body.
  • The stethoscope was invented by Dr. Rene Laennec. He didn’t think it was appropriate placing his ear on a large-breasted woman to listen to her heart.
  • Scientific studies have shown a correlation between the length of a man’s ring finger (left hand) and his probability for a heart attack. The longer the ring finger, the less chance of a heart attack.
  • In the 1880’s, Richard Cadbury (yup, that Cadbury) created the first box of chocolates for Valentines Day.
  • The average lifetime of blood flow is similar to turning the faucet on all the way and letting it run for 45 years.



Comments on: "Trivia Tuesday – Hearts" (2)

  1. Uuuugh, I didn’t know that about the Shelleys. I know the Victorians could be quite morbid, keeping locks of hair from dead loved ones and even photographing corpses in their caskets or even sitting upright (wired to the chair, of course). But I hope they buried Shelley’s heart with Mary when she died. It’s not the sort of thing you’d want to pass on to your heirs.

  2. Interesting fact–especially the first. It must have been pretty stinky in Mary Shelly house for quite some time. I wonder if that’s around the time she wrote Frankenstein’s Monster… YUCK!

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