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Here’s Trouble

Everyone seems to be getting into some sort of trouble these past few days. Or trouble is getting them.

When I got home from work on Friday the linen closet door was slightly opened. Here is what it revealed.

Yup – Sunni figured out how to open the bi-fold door. She then jumped up to the towel shelf, swept many towels aside and made herself a comfy little bed.

MeiMei decided to plead complete innocence of the above act and lounged on my lap. Note the “I know nothing” look.


And then during a quick phone call with my daughter, there was a crash, silence, then “oh no, oh no” heard through the phone.

Sad isn’t it.


Comments on: "Here’s Trouble" (3)

  1. Some days are just like that. That’s when I check the phase of the moon… 😉

  2. My son has been through four phones already since I gave him a mobile phone account. The first one he lost at school (or somebody stole it: the story changed every time I asked him about it). The second one, a clamshell, was dropped and it split into two, though my son said he could make it work by holding the two halves together in a certain way. The third one was run over after he dropped it in the street. The fourth one “didn’t work right” after his bicycle accident last fall. Now he has a shiny new one, not a smartphone, but still pretty snazzy looking. (Does anyone say “snazzy” anymore?)

    I still have the one I bought in 2008. I can’t get rid of it because it has a photo of my cat, taken before she died, for its wallpaper. I’ll get rid of it only if it doesn’t charge anymore or it stops making calls.

    • My daughter has been quite responsible with her phones. This is the first damaged one, but she says it still works fine. Hopefully she will be in town next month and we can get a replacement (I bought insurance for the phone).
      Glad you are hanging on to a phone that works for you. I dork out and get a new one every 18 months. Must say I do love the iPhone.

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