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It’s Trivia Tuesday and this time let’s look at a little state trivia. Washington state trivia, that is.


  • Washington is the only state in the United States that is named after a US president. It was originally called Columbia, but was changed to Washington to prevent confusion with the District of Columbia. Hmmm, how did that work out; Washington state or Washington DC?
  • The west side of the Olympic mountains is the wettest area in the continental US with about 130 inches of rain/ year.
  • The Hoh Rain Forest is the only rain forest in the continental US.
  • La Push is the western most town in the contiguous US. It is located west of Forks, of Twilight fame. And Forks is a bit west of the Hoh Rain Forest. See, it is all connected.
  • Cape Alava is the northwestern-most point in the contiguous US.
  • Seattle hosted the world’s fair in 1962. Spokane (in eastern Washington) hosted the first environmentally themed world’s fair in 1974, Expo ’74. At that time, Spokane was the smallest city to host a world’s fair. US President Richard M. Nixon opened the fair in May 1974, a mere 3 months before he resigned.


  • The Soviet Union had a large presence at Expo ’74. The was the first time the Soviet Union participated in a world’s fair in the United States. And the last.
  • The state that brought you Starbucks also brought you:
    • The world’s first gas station in 1907.
    • Microsoft.
    • Amazon.
    • Fathers Day, founded in 1910.
    • The first city (Seattle) to play Muzak in stores and office buildings, especially elevators.
    • The world’s first fully enclosed shopping mall in 1950. Northgate mall.
    • The first floating bridge in the world, the Mercer Island floating bridge.
    • The first revolving restaurant, located in the Space Needle.
  • Washington has the highest percentage of residents that are college graduates.
  • Washington is home to the banana slug, the largest land mollusk (9 inches) in North America. As a kid, I would visit a friend in the Seattle area. Early in the morning we would grab a can of salt and go out to the hilly yard. Barefoot and stupid, we would sprinkle salt on the slugs and then slide down the hill on their slimy remains.


Since I can’t leave you with that image in your mind, how about the Washington state flag. The Washington state flag is the only flag of US states that is green and has a picture of a real person.



Comments on: "Trivia Tuesday – Washington State" (5)

  1. Leendadll – maybe we actually saw each other but didn’t know it!

  2. Lorna – you must return to the great Pacific Northwest! His Holiness the Dalai Lama is coming to Portland in May!

  3. lol at the banana slug sliding. i “gathered” them in Santa Cruz for an annual banana slug race.

  4. I went to the Spokane World’s Fair. All I remember are running into my best friend in the Russian pavillion (her family was wrapping up a month-long vacation, my family was just starting ours) and that our car was broken into but nothing was stolen – just a dead battery.

  5. I just visited Portland and made a trip up there to Washington state, although not all the way to Seattle. I loved it there. I hope one day you can add to this list of trivial facts that Lorna now lives there!

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