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How about a little clown-related trivia. We all can use a laugh, right? Let’s start with the different types of clowns.

The whiteface clown is the oldest clown type. There are two types of whiteface clowns.

  • A Pierrot whiteface clown wears an elegant costume of a high ruffled collar and pointed hat. And of course, the face is covered with clown white makeup so that no skin color shows through. The skullcap must be white too.
Pierrot whiteface clown

Pierrot whiteface clown

  • The Grotesque whiteface clown must still have the entire face and neck covered with white makeup, but other features can be colorful or exaggerated. The costume is expected to be colorful.
Grotesque whiteface clown

Grotesque whiteface clown

The auguste clown is the happy clown or the joker. Often the whiteface clown makes the auguste clown do the silly or dirty work. The face makeup for an auguste clown could be pink, tan, or red. The eyes and mouth are outlined by using white makeup, and the costume is usually made up of bright colors.

Lou Jacobs and Knucklehead.

Lou Jacobs and Knucklehead.

This type of clown is my favorite. In the United States, these character clowns tend to be hobos, tramps, or bums (with bums being the lowest of the character clown hierarchy). Makeup is somewhat similar to a human face, but the clowns use props such as wigs, hats, glasses, etc. to yuck it up.

Red Skelton is/was my favorite clown. There was nothing better than the Red Skelton Show, and I always loved Freddie the Freeloader.

Freddie the Freeloader (Red Skelton)

Freddie the Freeloader (Red Skelton)

Did you know that Red Skelton was a clown artist? Many moons ago, my mom, sis, and I went to Honolulu for a vacation. While there, my mom purchased a Red Skeleton work of art called The Gent.

The Gent by Red Skelton

The Gent by Red Skelton

Little Clown Tidbits

  • A clown can register (trademark) their makeup through the Clown and Character Registry. The clown sends photos to the registry where his facial image is painted on a goose egg. When the clown dies, the egg is smashed.
  • The fear of clowns is coulrophobia. And if you wonder why anyone would be afraid of a clown, think John Wayne Gacy.
  • The International Clown Hall of Fame Museum and Research Center is located in Barboo, Wisconsin, USA.
  • Willard Scott (from the Today Show) was the Ronald McDonald clown earlier in his career. Ronald McDonald is the second most recognized face by children. Santa Claus is in first place, of course.
  • In Japan, the McDonald’s clown is named Donald McDonald because the letter R is difficult to pronounce.
  • The Ringling Brothers and Barnum & Bailey Clown College was started in 1968. It still exists, but its home is in different venues across the United States, at different times throughout the year.

Had enough? I have and I don’t even have coulrophobia.


Comments on: "Trivia Tuesday – Clowns" (7)

  1. I happened upon an art gallery in Hawai’i where they were selling Red Skelton’s clown paintings. He was a wonderfully talented man, wasn’t he?

    • Red Skelton is the best. A memory of him cracking himself up in a skit still brings a smile to my face. My mom got the art work in 1983. I wonder if it is the same shop.

  2. Yup! I’ve got a case of coulrophobia. Remember the scene from the movie Poltergeist where the kid checks under his bed and that crazy scary clown gets him? Well, that ruined any love for clowns that I may have had.
    Happy New Year, Ms. Mouse!

  3. I have coulrophobia. John Wayne Gacy aside, there’s just something creepy about a guy who paints his face, wears funny costumes, and lunges at kids with balloons and candy. Then there was the clown at a birthday party my son attended when he was in the first grade. The guy seemed depressed and angry. Even while he was blowing up balloon animals and telling jokes to the children, he would make these snide, unhappy remarks to the moms. When he came up to me and asked me for a lift because he’d lost his car keys, I was gone. No horror film endings for me.

    • Well thank goodness there were no horror film endings for you. and no clowns at your birthday party either. Clowns don’t bother me at all — unless they are spider clowns – if there is even such a thing.

  4. I really loved this Clown Trivia…..You put up some very interesting info..Keep it up, please.

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