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Local Goings On

It’s a lazy Sunday morning and I have been reading the local news. Here are a few tidbits of what’s going on in my neck of the woods.

A little snow, freezing fog, wind, and voilà… spikey ice crystals.

Creative Vandalism?

Serial stackers are loose in the area. No picnic tables are safe in the local parks. Vandals have struck several times, stacking up picnic tables overnight. Kind of creative until they fall down. So far no one has been injured, but many tables get damaged.

March On CV!
A local high school marching band will be in the Presidential Inaugural Parade. The Central Valley band was selected from over 2800 applicants and is 1 of the 14 high school bands invited to the parade.

The above picture is of a recent indoor practice session. I personally have to congratulate the band members. I was in my high school marching band (many moons ago) and there is a lot of hard work involved. And they also raised over $100,000 to fund the trip.


Comments on: "Local Goings On" (2)

  1. Aren’t the picnic tables chained down? Out here they are, because people kept stealing them.

    Fuzzy mailboxes would be cute, except they look brrrrr….

    • I don’t think they chain them down. The last time I went to a park, we moved one so it would be in the shade. But that was a couple of years ago.
      Yup, chilly here. I was out earlier snowblowing and froze my fingers with light-weight gloves. Darn wind did not help.

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