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Ho Ho Honda

Because I have been good, very very good, Santa delivered my Xmas present early.

Yup, a new Honda CR-V! Isn’t it sweet?


I have seriously been considering a new car for a while. Have done my research online and even visited a few dealers to help make decisions. It narrowed down to a Honda CR-V. This would be a replacement of my current CR-V which I love!

Yesterday I decided to visit a dealer to physically view the items that would help me make a decision. Model LX or EX? Although I did not want the sunroof that came with the EX, the alloy wheels, fog lights, and variable intermittent wipers were only so-so for me.

The color I wanted was on their lot though in the EX model. As I struggled with a decision between what I wanted vs. what I was willing to pay $$ for, the salesman kept sweetening the offer. In the excitement, I had nearly forgotten a couple of required accessories. Again the offer was sweetened a bit and I also upped my down payment a bit.

When all was said and done, I got what I wanted (and then some, such as the sunroof), kept my payments to what I could afford, and got 4 years of free oil changes. Six hours later, I left with the new baby.

The Bluetooth handsfree link for my phone is excellent and already set up. Playing music or podcasts from my phone will be nice! A bit better gas mileage too.

One critical task is to get the all-season tires sipped. Planning on doing that first thing tomorrow morning. All tire stores are closed on Sunday. And wouldn’t you know it; there is a winter weather advisory for snow tonight. Please cross your fingers that it does not amount to much as I won’t be driving the new baby if I can’t get down the street.


Happy holidays to all!


Comments on: "Ho Ho Honda" (4)

  1. woohooo for you!!

  2. Swanky! Good for you! Santa was nice to you–you must have been a VERY good girl! 😉

  3. Yay! My younger daughter bought her first car, a 2006 Honda Accord, and she loves it. It makes me a bit jealous now, though there’s no reason to dump my 1996 Camry (except that it has 135,000 miles on it). Enjoy the new baby, but be careful on these winter roads. Rain can be just as bad as snow.

    • My first CR-V had 139000 miles on it when I traded it in for the new baby. Honda does make a great car!

      Hope you have a calm and wonderful Christmas!

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