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A Forever Rememberance

When Daughter was in high school a friend of hers was murdered. It wasn’t that the friend just died; it was the horrific murder of a young woman with a spirit that made you light up inside.

Over the years, Daughter has cherished and honored Sarah’s memory by always wearing a bracelet with her friend’s name. The fifth anniversary of Sarah’s death is coming up and Daughter wanted to have a more permanent memory.

A tattoo. A tattoo to symbolize Sarah’s free spirit, to have her soaring above the unspeakable chaos of her death. A tattoo to remind Daughter that life is precious.

Thus Daughter asked for a tattoo for Christmas. She was a bit apprehensive as needles are not her friends. I was concerned about hygiene during the actual tattooing. We both did our research and found a spectacular artist with shop where we were both comfortable.

In preparation, we both got pedicures the day before the big event. Below is the last photo of a plain foot.


The tattoo artist freehand sketched directly on her foot. They had previously discussed what she had in mind.


Daughter was loving his sketch, so the tattooing commenced.




Ta da! Done! Love the colors.


And here is the tattooed foot, one week later. A bit of peeling as expected, but Daughter is back to running and climbing.



Comments on: "A Forever Rememberance" (10)

  1. The art is so delicate and gentle (even if the process of getting it isn’t–ouch!). What does the “S C” stand for, if you don’t mind me asking?

  2. I love it. I think it’s beautiful.

  3. kateluthner79 said:

    This is not really the best post to comment on but I wanted you to see this post of mine because I thought of you and your tree the entire time. Amazing how connected you end up feeling to people you read for a year or so.

    • Thanks Katy! I love the little mousies and especially step 8.

      I always read your posts, but I am horrible at making comments. I need to get better at that just so I can tell you that your girls are precious. What little darlings or mischievous elves, depending on the day.

  4. trust me – I am rarely an impulse person. My nature is more of a “plan my next breath.” The fact that I can’t even think of what to have for a tattoo is a huge part of the problem. Gecko would not be for me. Think I am more of killer whale, but done in Haida style. Or cat and mouse again. Think, think, think.

  5. How sad for your daughter to lose a friend at such a young age. The tattoo however is cute, and a nice way to honor the friend’s memory. My feet are so sensitive however, I don’t think I could sit through an hour-long tattoo session. I do have tats, one on each upper arm, but those parts of my body are so used to getting stuck with needles, it didn’t bother me—much.

    I was also a lot younger when I got mine. I think you’re able to stand pain a bit better when you’re young. Then you when you hit 40 and you’re starting to hurt from all those repetitive stress injuries and the arthritis you inherited from Grandma, it’s not so bearable.

    • The tattoo experience was ok according to daughter. I have even been sort of considering getting one myself. But I can’t decide what or where. A cat and mouse sitting on a quilt block?

      So what are your tattoos?

      • On my left arm I have a Peace rose with a butterfly: it’s so small and lightly colored, it hardly hurt at all. (Or maybe my memory is just getting bad, lol.) On my right, I got one of those Southwestern geckos that were so popular in the 90s:

        It’s all black and was very painful to get because the artist had to needle the same spot over and over again to get it completely colored in. She sprayed cold water on it a couple of times, but it still hurt like the bejeezus. I’m not so sure now that it was worth all that pain, either. I’d rather have a hummingbird or even a Day of the Dead skull with flowers all around it. I think the problem was that I thought a long time about getting the rose tattoo, so I knew exactly what I wanted. The gecko was more impulsive—a friend was getting a tattoo and she encouraged me to get another one while she was having hers done. We had a falling out not long after that, so maybe that’s another reason why I regret getting the gecko. So if you want a tattoo yourself, be sure to think long and hard about it. I was told it would take $1800 to erase the gecko with a laser, so I decided to keep it as a lesson to myself about impulsive actions and taking bad advice from friends.

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