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I am into anthropomorphism – the assigning of human characteristic to animals or objects.

My cars have always had names. My favorite was a little red Subaru named Ruby Sue the Suby Rue.

Computers have names. A temperamental laptop I used to have was affectionately called Be-otch.

And then there are my cats. Whew, those girls are sooooo catty!

The following YouTube video is slightly anthropomorphic, but in reverse. Enjoy!!


Comments on: "Anthropomorphism" (4)

  1. lol – that’s the first time i saw the full video.
    i don’t name my cars or objects but I tend to treat plants like they have human feelings and, as such, have a really difficult time admitting when they’re past the point of survival and won’t throw them away till they’re skeletons.

  2. I definitely believe that animals have some of the same feelings and qualities (like personalities) that we do. I think we picked those traits up from them!

    But I haven’t gone so far as to name inanimate objects. Confession: I love the fact that my car unlocks when automatically when I approach it. I feel like it recognizes me (not my key fob) and is welcoming me. It’s an endearing quality that making me fall in love with that car!

  3. My husband was sort of a dog guy. He was kind of overenthusiastic at times, like a big dog jumping all over you, and he used to love playing catch (or was it fetch?) with our kids. Oddly, he also seldom got along with our cat and would fight with it for space on the couch.

    But he was definitely better than the cat guy in the video. I’d be seriously worried about a person who was like that.

  4. Oh my god, I laughed SO loud at this!!!

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