Cleaning house physically, emotionally, and mentally.

This really happened.

Neighbors called police after hearing a loud disturbance outside. When the police arrived, tempers had fizzled and a truce seemed in place. The neighborhood was once again calm and quiet.


Apparently the riot occurred during a discussion of presidential pardons. Distant relatives of Cobbler, recently pardoned by President Obama, were upset over gobblings. One turkey said that there should not be any individual pardons unless all are pardoned.

Another turkey exclaimed that Cobbler was a chicken for not offering up his life to serve the cause. And with those defaming words, the riot started.


A somber feeling came over the rafter when news was received of Cobbler’s “death by oven.”


Some turkeys thought Cobbler was a martyr and was at his finest when served. Relatives were despondent over his death and still cringing when Cobbler was called a chicken.

All I can say after this minor riot was that I had a wonderful Thanksgiving. I would like to publicly thank the following for giving their lives to the occasion.

  • Mr. Potato Head and family (twice-baked potatoes)
  • Jolly Green Giant and family (green beans)
  • Partridge Farm and family (stuffing)
  • Dole and Berry families (fruit salad)

RIT (rest in tummy) Cobbler.


Comments on: "When a Rafter of Turkeys Riot" (2)

  1. I saw some wild turkeys along the side of the road the other day and I just yelled out of the car window: “RUN for your LIFE!” 🙂

    Cute post!

  2. Lol! This is a great (turkey) tail!

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