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Turkey-Drowning Rain

It has rained so much these past couple of days that I saw a sparrow putting sandbags in its nest.

There has been so much rain that I can wash my clothes while walking to/from the grocery store.

It’s raining so hard that the animals are starting to pair up.

But amid all that rain, the sun broke through and a rainbow appeared.



Comments on: "Turkey-Drowning Rain" (3)

  1. We’ve had a weee bit of rain, which is uncommon and appreciated. The succulent cactus in front of my house has a GIANT bloom on it. I didn’t even know it could make flowers!

  2. Yes, lots of rain in your area these past few days. I bet the air smells fresh!

    Just remember, noting lasts forever, even if it feels like it does… 🙂

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