Cleaning house physically, emotionally, and mentally.

Fall means raking leaves. And mid-Fall brings the possibility of snow. Mother Nature did not intend the two to combine. However, in my neck of the woods, it was a close call.

On Sunday, I raked what was on the ground, but the tree was still clinging on to the majority of its leaves. And then woeful Wednesday came around and quite literally stirred up Mother Nature. Thursday morning the tree was bare and snow was forecast for later that evening.


(Even the sheriff thinks it is a crime to still have leaves on the ground with snow coming.)

I hate raking wet leaves! Dry leaves are crunchy and beautiful; wet leaves smell. I left work a bit early to be able to rake before it got dark and wet. This took about 70 minutes and 7 leaf bags.


Just in the nick of time. Here is what greeted me early Friday morning. The snow on the driveway melted, but stuck around to insulate my daughter’s car.


Unfortunately that means I need to clean out the garage so her car can reside in warmth. How fun!


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